Working with Other Applications

image\rwnprg32.gif Using FTP Automation Commands in Visual Basic


The methods, properties, and object that you use to access Reflection FTP Client features are part of the FTP OLE Automation support. When you want to communicate with Reflection FTP from another application that supports Automation—such as another Reflection product for Windows, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Visual Basic—you reference the Reflection FTP object and use Reflection FTP's methods and properties in the other application's programming environment to extract data from or send instructions to the Reflection FTP Client.

FTP Automation can act as an OLE server. As a server, Reflection FTP makes its methods and properties accessible to other applications via OLE Automation.

When you want to communicate with the Reflection FTP object from a Visual Basic program, use statements and functions in Visual Basic. (To communicate with the Reflection FTP Client from another programming language such as C or C++, use OLE Automation and the appropriate statements and functions in the other language to gain access to the Reflection FTP object.

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