Reflection FTP Client

image\rftpic32.gif Overview of Reflection FTP Client Components


WRQ's FTP Client component architecture provides FTP client services throught the Reflection FTP Client application and through an Automation API.

FTP Client application

The FTP Client application includes the following features:

· Support for drag-and-drop and cut-and-paste file transfer operations.

· A command window that displays all communication between the FTP Client and server.

· Support for command line operations using standard FTP commands.

· Ability to log client/server interaction to a file.

· A Script Recorder that allows you to capture GUI interactions as FTP command scripts and to play back those scripts to automate connections and file transfers.

· Startup switches that allow you to automatically connect to a specified site or run a specified FTP script that executes a series of FTP commands.

FTP OLE Automation

Application developers can use FTP Automation for advanced scripting needs. Support for FTP Automation allows you to script FTP transfers from external applications. to view the FTP Automation help file.


· The FTP Neighborhood—a feature available with earlier versions of Reflection FTP—is no longer available. You can use the FTP Client to transfer files using standard Windows techniques for selecting, copying and pasting, and performing drag-and-drop operations.