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image\rwnprg32.gif Accessing Reflection FTP Methods and Properties  from Visual Basic


There are three basic steps you perform to access Reflection FTP methods and properties from Visual Basic:

1 Dimension an object variable.

2 Create a new Reflection FTP OLE Automation object and assign the object to the object variable dimensioned in step 1, using the Set statement.

Use the CreateObject function to create a new OLE Automation object; use the GetObject function to attach to an existing object.

3 Using the object variable name dimensioned in step 1, reference the Reflection FTP object in your code to access the Reflection methods and properties.

A simple example of a Visual Basic procedure that performs these steps might look something like this:

Sub ReflectionLogon()

 ' Dimension the object

 ' Using early binding syntax, which is recommended.

 Dim Reflection As ReflectionFTP3


 ' This commented line shows late binding syntax. (Not recommended.)

 'Dim RFTP As Object


 ' Invoke an instance of WrqFtp component

 Set Reflection = CreateObject("Reflection.ftp")


 ' Connect to with anonymous login

 Reflection.Open "", "anonymous"


 ' Store any error messages in local variable for future use

 txtError = Reflection.LastErrorString


 ' Log out of FTP Site and disconnect



 ' Tell OLE we're done with the ReflectionFtp component

 Set Reflection = Nothing

End Sub

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