Startup Command Examples

The following example command runs the FTP Client (Rftpc.exe) and connects to a site named West Coast, which is defined in the default settings file.

"C:\Program Files\...\rftpc.exe" "West Coast"

In the example above, quotation marks must surround the executable file specification because the path specifies a folder name that contains a space. Similarly, the site name is surrounded by quotation marks because it contains a space in the name.

The next example command uses the /W switch to specify the URL for an FTP site and the /L switch to direct the FTP Client (rftpc.exe) to log all client/server communication to a log file named Ftpinfo.log.

"C:\Program Files\...\rftpc.exe" /W /L Ftpinfo.log

The following example command tells the FTP Client to connect using a settings file and run a script file. The /RFW switch directs the FTP Client to connect using the settings file Myfile.rfw. The /RFS switch directs the FTP Client to run the script file Transfer.rfs after connecting to the server specified in the settings file.

"C:\Program Files\...\rftpc.exe" /RFW

"C:\Users\username\Documents\Attachmate\Reflection\Myfile.rfw" /RFS


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