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IThemeCursor Interface Properties

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Public Properties
 PropertyCursorBlinkRateGets or sets the speed at which the cursor blinks in the terminal window.  
 PropertyCursorShapeGets or sets the appearance of the cursor in the terminal window  
 PropertyGraphicsCrosshairColorGets or sets the color of the graphics crosshair cursor in a 3179-G terminal session.  
 PropertyGraphicsCursorShapeGets or stes the shape of the graphics cursor in 3179-G terminal sessions.  
 PropertyHorizontalCursorSpeedReturns or specifies how many character spaces to move the cursor, either to the left (on LeftDouble function), or to the right (on a RightDouble function). This property affects 5250 terminal sessions.  
 PropertyParentGets the parent object. The parent is the ITheme object.  
 PropertyRestrictCursorMovementReturns or specifies whether the cursor is restricted to input fields in the terminal window. When this property is set to True, the cursor can only be moved within or between input fields. If you press Up, for example, the cursor moves up to the next input field. When this property is False, the cursor can be moved out of an input field. Trying to enter text outside of an input field results in an error. This property is only relevant for 5250 terminal sessions.  

Gets or sets the appearance of the ruler cursor.

 PropertyRulerCursorVisibleGets or sets whether the ruler cursor is displayed in the terminal window.  
 PropertyVerticalCursorSpeedReturns or specifies how many lines to move the cursor, either up (on an UpDouble function), or down (on a DownDouble function). function). This property affects 5250 terminal sessions.  
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