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IIbmTerminal Interface Events

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Public Events
 EventAfterConnectOccurs after Reflection connects to the host.  
 EventAfterDisconnectOccurs after Reflection disconnects from the host.  
 EventBeforeConnectOccurs before Reflection connects to the host.  
 EventBeforeDisconnectOccurs before Reflection disconnects from the host.  
 EventClosedOccurs before the session closes.  

This event occurs when an unredacted Primary Account Number (PAN) is displayed on the screen or in productivity features, such as Screen History. It also occurs when an unredacted PAN is copied from the terminal (for example, when the PAN is copied to a text file or a Microsoft Office application).

This event is enabled or disabled by configuring settings on the Setup Information Privacy dialog box. For more information, see "Monitor Credit Card Access" in the Reflection .NET API Guide.

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