Attachmate Reflection 2014 .NET API Reference
XfrHostCmd Property

Returns or specifies the name of the host program to be run by Reflection to initiate a file transfer.
Property XfrHostCmd As String
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As String
instance.XfrHostCmd = value
value = instance.XfrHostCmd
string XfrHostCmd {get; set;}
Attachmate.Reflection.SecuredSettingException This exception is thrown when you modify a Reflection property that has been secured via the Permissions Manager, or if such a modification requires Administrator privileges.
System.ArgumentNullException Thrown if the set parameter is null (Nothing in Visual Basic). Use an zero-length string to indicate an empty value.
System.ArgumentException Thrown if the set parameter length is too long.
The default value, "IND$FILE", is generally appropriate for CMS and TSO hosts; for CICS hosts "IND$FILE" may be appropriate or you may need to specify your site's CICS transaction (for example, "CFTR"). This property affects IND$FILE transfer and is applicable to 3270 sessions only. The default is "IND$FILE". (APVUFILE if you are running a Japanese version of Reflection.) This string can be up to 9 characters long.

Target Platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services

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