Attachmate Reflection 2014 .NET API Reference
ControlKeyCode Enumeration

Defines the valid values for control keys.
Public Enum ControlKeyCode 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As ControlKeyCode
public enum ControlKeyCode : System.Enum 
AltCursorAlternate Cursor key.
AttentionAttention key to activate attention program (AS/400 only).
BackSpaceBackspace key (nondestructive).
BackTabTab Backward key.
ClearClear key.
ClearPartitionClear Partition key.
CursorBlinkCursor Blink key.
CursorSelectCursor Select key.
DeleteDelete key.
DeleteCharDelete Character key.
DeleteWordDelete Word key.
DestructiveBackSpaceDestructive Backspace key.
DownDown Arrow key.
DownDoubleDown Double key.
DupDup key.
DuplicateDuplicate key.
EndOfFieldEnd of Field key.
Erase_EofErase to end of field.
EraseInputErase Input key.
ExtGrExt Gr key.
F1F1/PF1 function key.
F10F10/PF10 function key.
F11F11/PF11 function key.
F12F12/PF12 function key.
F13F13/PF13 function key.
F14F14/PF14 function key.
F15F15/PF15 function key.
F16F16/PF16 function key.
F17F17/PF17 function key.
F18F18/PF18 function key.
F19F19/PF19 function key.
F2F2/PF2 function key.
F20F20/PF20 function key.
F21F21/PF21 function key.
F22F22/PF22 function key.
F23F23/PF23 function key.
F24F24/PF24 function key.
F3F3/PF3 function key.
F4F4/PF4 function key.
F5F5/PF5 function key.
F6F6/PF6 function key.
F7F7/PF7 function key.
F8F8/PF8 function key.
F9F9/PF9 function key.
FieldDelimiterField Delimiter key.
FieldExitField Exit key.
FieldMarkField Mark key.
FieldMinusField Minus key.
FieldPlusField Plus key.
HelpDisplay the host help screen.
HexHex key.
HomeHome key.
InsertInsert key.
InvalidKeyAn invalid key value.
LeftLeft Arrow key.
LeftDoubleLeft Double key.
NewLineNew Line key.
NextWordNext Word key.
PA1PA1 function key.
PA2PA2 function key.
PA3PA3 function key.
PageDownPage Down key.
PageUpPage Up key.
PanLeftPan Left key.
PanRightPan Right key.
PartitionJumpPartition Jump key.
PlusCrPlus CR key.
PreviousWordPrevious Word key.
PrintPrint the host screen.
ResetReset key.
ReverseFieldReverse Field key.
RightRight Arrow key.
RightDoubleRight Double key.
RollDownRoll Down key.
RollUpRoll Up key.
RuleLineRuler Cursor Line key.
ScrollDownScroll Down key.
ScrollUpScroll Up key.
SystemRequestSend system request.
TabTab Forward key.
TestActivate test program (AS/400 legacy only).
TextAssistBeginBoldText Assist Begin Bold key.
TextAssistBeginOfLineText Assist Begin of Line key.
TextAssistBeginUnderlineText Assist Begin Underline key.
TextAssistBottomOfPageText Assist Bottom of Page key.
TextAssistCarrierReturnText Assist Carrier Return key.
TextAssistCenterText Assist Center key.
TextAssistEndBoldText Assist End Bold key.
TextAssistEndOfLineText Assist End of Line key.
TextAssistHalfIndexDownText Assist Half Index Down key.
TextAssistHalfIndexUpText Assist Half Index Up key.
TextAssistInsertSymbolsText Assist Insert Symbols key.
TextAssistNextStopText Assist Next Stop key.
TextAssistNextTextColumnText Assist Exit Text Column key.
TextAssistPageEndText Assist Page End key.
TextAssistRequiredSpaceText Assist Required Space key.
TextAssistRequiredTabText Assist Required Tab key.
TextAssistStopText Assist Stop key.
TextAssistTextTabAdvanceText Assist Text Tab Advance key.
TextAssistTopOfPageText Assist Top of Page key.
TextAssistWordUnderlineText Assist Word Underline key.
TransmitSend data to the host (Enter).
UpUp Arrow key.
UpDoubleUp Double key.
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Target Platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services

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