Connect to an HP NonStop/Tandem Host

Use the procedures in this topic to configure Reflection 2014 to connect to an HP NonStop Tandem host. To connect to this host, the Reflection for NonStop 2014 Add-On must be deployed with the Reflection 2014 base product.

During installation of the base product, Reflection 2014 will remove EXTRA! 6530 Client Option 7.x – 9.x and the Reflection for 2008 or 2011 NonStop Add-On, if detected.

Note: The Reflection for NonStop 2014 Add-On does not support the conversion of user settings, like session files and macros, created with EXTRA! 6530 Client Option.

Obtaining and Installing the Product

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Download Library web site:

Important! The Reflection for NonStop 2014 Add-On must be installed after Reflection is installed. The Add-On installer does not currently support an automated administrative installation. For more details about the Add-On, see Technical Note 2707.

To create a 6530 session

  1. From the Reflection Workspace, open the Create New Document dialog box.
  2. From the Create New Document dialog box, select the 6530 terminal template and click Create.

    6530 Session Template

  3. In the 6530 Terminal Document Settings, enter the fully-qualified host name and port number for your host.
  4. Select the check box for Configure additional settings and click OK.

    6530 Host

  5. In the 6530 Settings dialog box, configure the appropriate settings for your host.

    6530 Advanced Settings

  6. Save the session document file (.rd6).