Install the Reflection Help

By default, the Reflection Help browser opens from the Attachmate website. To open the Help from the local hard drive you must install the product Help after installing Reflection and change the Reflection Workspace settings.

To configure the Reflection Workspace to open Help locally

  1. Open the Reflection Workspace Settings dialog box.
  2. Under Workspace Settings, select Configure Workspace Attributes.
  3. Under Help System, select Use installed help system.

    If Reflection can't find the help files on the local drive, it will start your default browser and open the help files from

To install the Help locally

  • Do one of the following:
    • On a workstation where Reflection is already installed, from the installation image, open the HelpInstaller folder and double-click setup.exe.

    - or -

    • Chain the Help installer to the main installation, selecting Run this program after base product has been installed. For more information, see Add (Chain) Installations and Run Programs.

Note: If you install Reflection to a Windows Server and Enhanced Security (IE ESC) is enabled, viewing the Help will result in security prompts each time you open a page. To resolve this problem, do the following:

  1. Turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security for users and administrators.
  2. Turn Off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on Windows 2008 Server.
  3. Enable scripting for Internet Explorer. See Technical Note 2293.