Customize a Session Document

Use this procedure to customize a session document file (that is, change its default settings for text input, appearance, macros, hotspots and other settings). Custom settings are saved to a separate file which must be deployed with the session document file.

To configure security settings for a session document file, see Create a Secure Session Document. Security settings are saved in the session document file.

To customize a session

  1. Open a Reflection session (for example, mySession.rd3x).
  2. From the Quick Access toolbar, click the Document Settings button Document settings button and make the changes you want.

    The following steps (a through h) illustrate how to create a custom settings file — a keyboard map file that assigns the Ctrl+E key combination to the Erase EOF Send Key.

    1. In the Settings dialog box, under Input Devices, click Manage Keyboard Map.
    2. In the Manage Keyboard Map dialog box, click Create a new keyboard map from an existing keyboard map file.
    3. Select a keyboard map file to use as a template for your new file (for example, Default 3270.xkb).
    4. To configure the session to use the custom keyboard file, select the check box Use the new file in the current session document, and then click OK.
    5. In the Keyboard Mapper dialog box, hold down the Ctrl key and then press the E key to enter Ctrl+E in this box.
    6. Click the Select Action button, and from the Action list, scroll down and select Send Key.
    7. Under Action parameters, from the Key list, select Erase EOF and click OK. The Ctrl+E key combination appears in the Keyboard Mapper table.
    8. Click OK and save the new keyboard map to the Keyboard Maps folder as myKeyboardMap.xkb. If you are prompted that this is not a secure location, click Yes. (The file is saved in your Documents\Attachmate\Reflection\Keyboard Maps folder.)

    Custom Keyboard Mapping

    You can "package" the keyboard map file and other settings file in a companion installer package for deployment.