Install Reflection on a Workstation

After you create an administrative installation point, you'll need to install Reflection on a workstation so that you can open and run Reflection. If you plan to customize Reflection, you will use this installation to create custom configuration files.

To install Reflection on a workstation

  1. On the workstation, navigate to the network share where you have created the administrative installation point, and double-click setup.exe.
  2. From the Attachmate Setup Program, click Continue, and then accept a license.
  3. The following steps are optional:
    1. To personalize the installation, click the User Information tab and enter the name, organization, and Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) number, if you have one. (VPA numbers, which are issued by Attachmate, are used by customer support to expedite service requests.)
    2. To change the default installation folder or the default user data directory, click the File Location tab and browse to the folder you want to use.
    3. To select which features, components, or languages are installed, click the Feature Selection tab. The default installation does not include all feature and components.
  4. Click Install Now.