Setting up the Proper Environment

To prepare Reflection for deployment, you will need to set up an environment for customizing and testing your installation.

Deployment step 1

First, Create an Administrative Installation Point. This is an administrative install image on a network share that contains all of your custom configuration files. From this installation point, you can access all of the files and tools you require to install and deploy Reflection.

When you're done, you can use the setup file on the Administrative Installation Point to install Reflection to a workstation (2).

Deployment step 2

Next, Install Reflection on a Workstation so that you can open and run Reflection. If you want to customize Reflection, you will use this installation to create session document files and other configuration files.

The Attachmate Setup Program provides both types of Reflection installations (1 & 2). The Administrative install point installs the files required for installation but does not install any values in the registry required to open and run Reflection. The workstation installation enters the values in the registry required to run the product.