Customize the Workspace

You can change the appearance and basic functionality of the main Reflection window in a variety of ways. For example, you can specify startup macros and actions, trusted locations, and privacy filters. You might change the appearance by opening Reflection in browser mode or with the Ribbon closed.

Use the Attachmate Customization Tool to configure most of the custom workspace settings.

To create a custom workspace

  1. From your administrative installation point, open the Attachmate Customization Tool from a shortcut or by typing the following command line:

    <path_to_setup>\setup.exe /admin

  2. From the Select Customization dialog box, select Create a new Companion installer, and then click OK.

    ACT_Create companion installer

  3. From the navigation pane, click Specify install locations.

  4. Under Installation type, select Installs only for the user who installs it.
  5. On the navigation pane, click Modify user settings.
  6. From the list of Application - Settings, select Reflection 2014 - Workspace Settings and then click Define.

    The Reflection Workspace Settings open in a separate window.

  7. Under Workspace Settings, click Configure Workspace Settings.

  8. In the Configure Workspace Settings dialog box, under UI Preferences, for Arrange documents as, select Windows and click OK.

  9. To set the product Help to open from the local drive, select Configure Workspace Attributes and under Help System, select Use installed help system.
  10. Save the companion package file (.msi) and close the Attachmate Customization Tool.

These settings are automatically saved in the Application.settings file. The companion installer file is automatically configured to deploy this file to [AppDataFolder]\Attachmate\Reflection\Workspace\data_folder (for a single user) or to [CommonAppDataFolder]\Attachmate\Reflection\Workspace\data_folder (for all users)

where data_folder is specific to the version of Reflection. For example, for Reflection 2014 R1, this folder is R2014_R1.

Note: You can deploy the companion file as it is, or you can edit it to add additional files.

Important! Workspace files can be deployed only to individual users. If you deploy Reflection to a computer that has more than one user, a separate deployment is required for each user.