To set access with Group Policy Object Editor

  1. In the Group Policy Management Editor, navigate to the setting or feature you want to configure.

    The following example shows all shipping ADMX files loaded into the GPO Editor under User Configuration. Group Policies can be set at the machine (Computer Configuration) or user (User Configuration) levels.

  2. Enable the Group Policy settings you want to use.

    The following example shows the following:

    • The current node is the

      RD3X Document\Connection\TN3270Basic

    • All the settings for this group are listed in the right-hand panel.
    • The

      Restrict ConnectionTimeout setting

      policy is Enabled. This setting for 3270 display sessions is restricted (it requires UAC elevation on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista computers and is disabled on Windows XP computers).

    Registry keys are added when policy settings are Enabled

    . These keys remain in the registry when policy settings are

    Disabled. No key is present when policy settings are Not Configured


    The following example shows the registry corresponding to the example above, with the

    Restrict ConnectionTimeout setting

    policy setting enabled.