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Share Sessions as Templates

Session documents contain references to the following settings (all of which can be customized): host, ribbon, theme, keyboard map, and mouse map.

After you configure a session document, you can share and reuse your settings by saving the document as a template. Templates provide an untitled copy of the original, giving you a quick and easy way to create pre-configured documents, while ensuring that your original file remains unchanged.

Reflection includes several templates in the Create New Document dialog box. When you create a template, as long as you save it to the Templates folder (the default location), it is added to this dialog box under User Defined.

To share a session document

  1. Open the session document that you've configured.
  2. Save the session as a template.
  3. Move the template file from the Templates folder on your computer to either a shared location or to the Templates folder on a computer that has Reflection installed.

    Note: If you copy the template file to a location other that the Templates folder, make sure it's a trusted location or Reflection won't open it.

    The Templates folder is in the following location:

    • Windows XP:
      Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Attachmate\Reflection\Workspace\data_folder


    • Windows 7 or Vista:

      Note: The name of the last folder (data_folder) in this directory is specific to the version of Reflection. For Reflection 2011 R1, this folder is R2011. For subsequent versions, it is R2011_versionName. (For example, the folder name in Reflection 2011 R2 is R2011_R2.)

  4. To make changes to the template, you must replace the template file — save the file that contains your changes using the same filename and extension as the template.

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