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Install location and organization name

Select the option Create a new Setup customization file in the Attachmate Customization Tool to access these settings.

Specify the default installation folder on the user's computer

Specify the installation folder and the value for the MSI standard COMPANYNAME property.

This setting

Does this

Default installation folder

Specifies where to install the product files. (Install location changes are disabled if the primary product installer does not support changing the install location.)


  • List items that refer to folders (for example, [ProgramMenuFolder]) are pre-defined folder keywords. You can create customized directories by adding new folder names with typical directory syntax (such as, [ProgramFilesFolder]\My Folder). Alternatively, you can enter a fully qualified path (for example, C:\Program Files\My Folder), as long as that location is known to exist on the target machine.
  • If you are modifying an installation that includes both 32-bit and 64-bit components, the location you specify for Default installation folder is used for the 32-bit components only. To specify a location for 64-bit components, use Modify setup properties. Add a property called INSTALLDIR64 and set the value to the location you want for the installation folder. This can be the same location as Default installation folder or a different location.


Organization name

Specifies the MSI standard COMPANYNAME value.