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Add files

Select the option Create a new Companion Installer in the Attachmate Customization Tool to access these settings.

Specify files to add to the user's computer during installation

Specifies the files to install, their location, and whether to associate shortcuts with the files. Multiple files of any type can be selected.


Add files to

Specify a location for the installed files. You can enter a specific path or use pre-defined Windows folder locations shown in brackets in the drop-down list (or combine the two).

Note: The drop-down options available in this list depend on the Installation type you select in the Specify install locations pane. For details see Pre-defined folder keywords.


Include Shortcut

Specifies creation of a shortcut for the file selected in the table.


Opens the Add files to Package dialog box from which you can browse to the files you want to add.

Note: List items that refer to folders (for example, [ProgramMenuFolder]) are pre-defined folder keywords. You can create customized directories by adding new folder names with typical directory syntax (such as, [ProgramFilesFolder]\My Folder). Alternatively, you can enter a fully qualified path (for example, C:\Program Files\My Folder), as long as that location is known to exist on the target machine.



Sets selection of the install location or whether to add or remove a shortcut. (This allows you to change these selections after the file is added to the table.)



Removes the file selected in the table.

Note: Files added as part of a companion installer will overwrite any existing files with the same name found in the specified locations on the target computer.

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