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Add Trusted Locations

A trusted location is a directory that is designated as a secure source for opening files. By default, Reflection 2011 allows users to open documents only in directories specified as trusted locations in the Reflection settings. Reflection 2011 specifies three trusted locations in the workspace Application.settings file in the program directory.

When you add other locations, these locations are saved in the Application.settings file in the user data directory folder. If you add trusted locations, you will need to deploy this file.

To set up a trusted location

  1. On a workstation on which you have installed Reflection, open the Attachmate Customization Tool from a desktop shortcut (if you set up a shortcut) or from a command line as follows:

    path_to_setup\setup.exe /admin

  2. In the Select Customization dialog box, select Create a new Companion installer, and then click OK.
  3. On the navigation pane, click Specify install locations.
  4. Under Installation type, select Installs only for the user who installs it.
  5. On the navigation pane, click Modify User Settings.
  6. In the Make changes to user settings... panel, under Application - Settings, select Reflection 2011-Workspace Settings and then click Define.
  7. Under Trust Center, click Specify Trusted Locations and then click Add new location.
  8. Under Path, browse to the location you want to add.
  9. To trust all folders within the trusted location, click Subfolders.
  10. Click OK to close the Reflection Workspace dialog box.
  11. Save the companion file on your administrative installation point.

Note: These settings are automatically saved in the Application.settings file, and the companion file is automatically configured to deploy this file to [AppDataFolder]\Attachmate\Reflection\Workspace\data_folder (for a single user) or to [CommonAppDataFolder]\Attachmate\Reflection\Workspace\data_folder (for all users). You can deploy this file to all users only if you are deploying Reflection 2011 R2 or greater. The first version of Reflection 2011 does not support deployment of this file to all users.

The name of the last folder in these directories (data_folder) is specific to the version of Reflection. For the first version of Reflection 2011, this folder is R2011. For subsequent versions, it is R2011_versionName. For example, for Reflection 2011 R2, this folder is R2011_R2.