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What's New?

 Reflection 2011 Release 3 Service Pack 1 includes two major new features:

  • TouchUx allows Reflection to be configured for touchscreen user experiences. You can choose between Apple iOS, Android, or Windows 8 "skins." (To run Reflection on iOS or Android devices, you must access Reflection through a Citrix XenApp server, with the Citrix Receiver client software installed on the devices).
  • SmartUx allows you to modernize your legacy host applications with current-day application functionality. Developers can leverage a new set of programming interfaces to highlight fields and overlay controls, such as drop-down lists, buttons, and date-pickers on your legacy IBM host applications to make users more productive.

TouchUx (Available for All Host Types)

The TouchUx feature enables you to improve usability of terminal sessions on tablets and other mobile devices:

  • A split pane window provides access to the same menu commands available on the ribbon and browser interfaces.
  • An on-screen keyboard provides access to common host keys that are typically unavailable with standard tablet on-screen keyboards and can be configured for language, varying levels of transparency, and other properties.
  • A gallery of open sessions allows you to switch sessions or quickly open recent sessions.

You can navigate with touch gestures, just as you do on other tablet applications. (Some of your device's gestures may not be supported on iPads or Android tablets.)

SmartUx (Available for IBM 3270 and 5250 Terminals)

The SmartUx feature enables you to modernize the host application user experience for easier, more productive use. With Reflection’s VBA or .NET API, you can:

  • Highlight required fields and add tool tips to fields to help your users get over the difficult spots in your application.
  • Replace old-style numbered option lists with more modern drop-down selection lists.
  • Replace manual date entry with a graphical calendar date-picker.
  • Add buttons to the host application's interface and program them to start macros or perform other actions.