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Installing the Application Programmer Interface (API)

You can choose to install the Reflection .NET Application Programmer Interface (API) when you install Reflection.

This installs the API class library assembly files, the Help reference, and a guide that contains sample programs and tutorials. You can view the Help in Reflection from the Help menu, or within the Visual Studio Help.


  • To make sure that the API class library assembly files are integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, confirm that Visual Studio is installed before you install the Reflection .NET API.
  • The .NET Application Programmer Interface (API) is required only for local development of programs that use the Reflection .NET API. You do not need to install this API to run custom programs that use it. These custom programs can run on any installation of Reflection, unless the workspace is configured to disable the API. (See Set Up API and Macro Security.)

To install the API with Reflection

  1. Run the Reflection installer.
  2. On the Feature Selection tab, expand Reflection Workspace, and then expand Emulation.
  3. Click the down arrow to the left of Application Programmer Interface and select the following:

    Install: feature selected Feature will be installed on local hard drive

  4. Click Continue, and then complete the installation.

The API includes the .NET API class assembly files and Help.

Class Assembly Files

The .NET API class assembly files are installed to the Programmer Interface folder and appear in the Visual Studio Reference box the next time you start the application. (The installation includes an XML file for each assembly file to provide compatibility with Intellisense.)

The class assembly files include the following;

  • Attachmate.Reflection.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.Emulation.IbmHosts.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.Framework.dll
  • Attachmate.ReflectionEmulation.OpenSystem.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.UserControl.IbmHosts.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.UserControl.OpenSystems.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.UserControl.OpenSystemsGraphics.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.UserControl.Wpf.IbmHosts.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.UserControl.Wpf.OpenSystems.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.UserControl.Wpf.OpenSystemsGraphics.dll

Help Files

Documentation includes a programmer's guide and reference documents that provide explanations and syntax for methods, classes, and properties used with Reflection objects.

Help Document


To view the Help...


Reference of Reflection methods, classes, and properties.

In Reflection, choose Help > .NET API Help.


Open the Visual Studio Help.

.NET API Guide

Programmer's guide with setup information, tutorials, and sample code.

In Reflection, choose Help > .NET API Guide.