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Configure Workspace Arrangement

Reflection provides a variety of ways to customize the appearance of the workspace.

  • Documents in the workspace are displayed in tabs by default. If you are using the Reflection Ribbon, you can choose to display them in windows that can be tiled or cascaded.
  • You can enlarge the document window by using Full Screen mode or by hiding the Ribbon.

To choose tabs or windows

  1. Open Workspace Settings.
  2. Under Workspace Settings, click Configure Workspace Settings.
  3. Under Jump To, click User Interface.
  4. From the Arrange documents as box, select Tabs or Windows.
  5. Click OK.
  6. (Optional) If you have multiple windows open, you can arrange them as tiled or cascading windows, using the Arrange Windows menu, which is next to the Full Screen button in the status bar. You can also use this menu to switch the display between tabs and windows.

To enlarge the document window

  • Do any of the following:


    Do this

    Expand the workspace to fill the entire screen and hide the Ribbon

    Click the Full Screen button from the status bar; click it again to return the workspace to its normal size and show the Ribbon.

    Hide the Ribbon without expanding the workspace

    Double-click any tab on the Ribbon; double-click again to show the Ribbon.

    Expand the workspace to fill the entire screen without hiding the Ribbon

    Double-click the workspace frame in the empty area to the right of the Quick Access toolbar; double-click again to return the workspace to its normal size.

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