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Select the Mouse Map for a Session

A mouse map is a configuration file that shows all of the defined mouse clicks and mouse/key combinations for your mouse. Reflection pre-configures all session documents to use a built-in mouse map file. You can choose to use a different built-in map, or a custom map that you've created.

To select a mouse map

  1. Open the Document Settings dialog box.
  2. Under Input Devices, click Manage Mouse Map.
  3. Click Select another mouse map file.
  4. From the Select a Mouse Map File dialog box, do one of the following:


    Do this

    Select a built-in mouse map

    Click Built-in, and then select a map from the list; for example, mouse.xmm.

    Select a custom mouse map

    Click Custom, and then browse to a custom mouse map file.

    Note: The file must be in a trusted location.

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