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User interface

Select the option Create a new Setup customization file in the Attachmate Customization Tool to access these settings.

Choose User Interface options for installation


Use this customization for command-line installs or with deployment software

The transform is used only when you explicitly add this file to your installation.

Use this customization with interface installs using setup.exe

The transform is used when you perform the installation with setup.exe.

Note: The MSI command to run the transform is automatically inserted in the setup.ini file when you save your transform. This means that any changes you made, such as running a companion installer, will run automatically when users run the Attachmate Installation Program (setup.exe).

Select user interface level

If the transform is used along with setup.exe, you can specify the user interface level for the Attachmate Installation Program interface during the install. These settings are available when Use this customization with interactive installs using setup.exe is selected.


Displays no interface.


Displays only a progress bar.


Displays the full Attachmate Installation Program interface.


No cancel
Sets up the install so that it cannot be canceled after it begins.