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Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (Web)


ObjectWebControl The WebControl contains the controls required to display a Web page in the Reflection Workspace.


EventCanGoBackChanged Occurs when the CanGoBack state changes.
EventCanGoForwardChanged Occurs when the CanGoForward state changes.
EventDocumentCompleted Occurs when navigating and parsing a new Web page is complete.
EventDocumentTitleChanged Occurs when the document title is changed.
EventEncryptionLevelChanged Occurs when a Web page encryption level is changed.
EventFileDownload Occurs when a file is downloaded.
EventNavigated Occurs when navigation is used.
EventNavigating Occurs immediately before navigating to a new page.
EventStatusTextChanged Occurs when the Web browser status text is changed.


EnumerationWebBrowserEncryptionLevel Specifies constants that define the encryption methods that are used by documents displayed in the Web browser control.
EnumerationWebBrowserReadyState Specifies constants that define the state of the Web browser control.

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