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_SmartDropDown Interface Properties
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Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (User Interface) : _SmartDropDown Interface

For a list of all members of this type, see _SmartDropDown members.

Public Properties

 PropertyEndColumnGets or sets the ending column of the control.  
 PropertyEndRowGets or sets the ending row of the control.  
 PropertyForegroundColorGets or sets the foreground color of the control.  
 PropertyIdGets or sets the unique id for this control.  
 PropertyItemCountReturns the number of items in the drop down list.  
 PropertySelectedIndexGets or sets the currently selected item in the drop down list.  
 PropertyStartColumnGets or sets the starting column of the control.  
 PropertyStartRowGets or sets the starting row of the control.  
 PropertyTextGets or sets the current value in the control.  
 PropertyToolTipTextGets or sets the tool tip text for the control.  

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