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UiControl Object Members
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (User Interface) : UiControl Object

The following tables list the members exposed by UiControl.


public PropertyActionIdGet the ID of the action that this control is bound to. (This is for reference only.) To bind a new action to this control or get the actual action sequence that is bound to this control, use the UiControlActionMapper object.  
public PropertyControlTypeType of control.  
public PropertyEnabledGets or sets the enabled property of a given control.  
public PropertyIdGets or sets the user-specified ID for a given control. ID can be the same for any two controls as long as their parents are not the same (e.g., no two tabs can have the same ID, but two chunks in different tabs can have the same ID).  
public PropertyInstanceIdGets the instance ID for a given control. The instance id is a GUID generated when creating the control. The instance ID helps uniquely identify two controls (even when they have the same ID).  
public PropertyParentGets the parent control.  
public PropertyTextGet or sets the text associated with the control.  
public PropertyVisibleGets or sets the visibility for a given control.