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WindowMode Property
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (User Interface) > Frame Object : WindowMode Property
Gets the WindowMode.


ReadOnly Object.WindowMode As WindowModes


This sample determines whether the interface mode of the workspace supports multiple documents and displays the number of views open in the workspace.
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Sub Sample_Frame_WindowMode()
    'If in Browser or Ribbon mode, multiple documents are supported
    If ThisFrame.WindowMode = WindowModes_Browser Or _
       ThisFrame.WindowMode = WindowModes_Ribbon Then
        MsgBox ("There are " & Str(ThisFrame.ViewCount) & " views open within this frame instance.")
    Else  'WindowModes_Classic
        MsgBox ("Since this frame is in ""classic"" mode, there cannot be more " & _
               "than one session view open in it.")
    End If
End Sub

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