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Frame Object Members
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (User Interface) : Frame Object

The following tables list the members exposed by Frame.


public PropertyAllViewsGets all views.  
public PropertyFullScreenGets or sets the full screen state.  
public PropertyNameGets or sets the name of the frame.  
public PropertySelectedViewGets or sets the selected view.  
public PropertyStatusBarTextGets or sets the text displayed on the status bar.  
public PropertyViewCountGets the number of views that are running.  
public PropertyVisibleGets or sets the visibility of the application.  
public PropertyWindowLocationGets the application window's location.  
public PropertyWindowModeGets the WindowMode.  
public PropertyWindowSizeGets the application window's size.  
public PropertyWindowStateGets or sets the application window state. The window state can be Normal, Minimized, or Maximized.  


public MethodActivateActivates the application and gives it focus.  
public MethodCreateViewCreates a view to host the control.  
public MethodGetPropertyValueGets the value for a property in the property store  
public MethodGetViewByControlGets the view that is associated with a terminal control.  
public MethodGetViewByInstanceIdGets the view that matches the instance ID.  
public MethodGetViewByTitleTextGets the view that matches the title text.  
public MethodGetViewsByFilePathGets a collection of views that match the session file path.  
public MethodGetViewsByNameGets a collection of views that matches the name.  
public MethodSetPropertyValueSets a property name/value pair in the property store  
public MethodViewOverloaded. Gets a View object relative to its title or its indexed position in the views of a given frame.  


public EventViewOpened