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OfficeTools Object Methods
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library (Productivity) : OfficeTools Object

For a list of all members of this type, see OfficeTools members.

Public Methods

public MethodActivateContactsAppActivates the address book application.  
public MethodActivateEmailAppActivates the e-mail application.  
public MethodCreateNewAppointmentCreates a new calendar appointment.  
public MethodCreateNewContactCreate a new address book contact.  
public MethodCreateNewEmailMessageCreate a new e-mail message.  
public MethodCreateNewNoteCreates a new note.  
public MethodCreateNewTaskCreates a new calendar task.  
public MethodCreateWordProcessingDocumentCreates a new word-processing document.  
public MethodCreateWordProcessingDocumentWithGraphicCreates a new word-processing document with graphics.  
public MethodGetBookmarksGets the collection of bookmarks in a word-processing template file.  

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