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Use Integrated FTP Transfer

Integrated FTP transfer is available when you want to use the FTP protocol from within a terminal session.

Note: If the transfer is one you'll be performing regularly, you can save your transfer settings in a transfer request file.

To transfer files using the FTP protocol from within a terminal session

  1. Start Reflection and log on to the host computer as usual.
  2. Open the Transfer dialog box as follows:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this

    The Reflection button

    The Reflection Ribbon

    On the Session tab, from the Transfer group, click File Transfer.

    The Reflection button

    The Reflection Browser

    On the Reflection menu, choose Tools and then File Transfer.

  3. Click the Settings button, and configure the file transfer settings.

    For most situations, you can configure for file transfers by selecting a preset configuration in the Protocol tab.

  4. From the Protocol list, select FTP.
  5. Click the FTP tab, and configure the host and user name information.

    This doesn't have to be the host you're logged on to.

  6. (Optional) Click Advanced to configure additional FTP settings.
  7. Click OK.
  8. From the Transfer dialog box, under Local, do one of the following:
    • Browse under Local folders, and then select one or more files from the list.


    • Type the path and filename into the File names box.
  9. Under Host specify a host file using one of the following techniques:
    • Click Show host files, and browse to select one or more host files.


    • Type the file information into the File names box.

      Note: If Reflection is configured to use a character set that is not supported by your host, you cannot display host files using the Show host files button.

  10. To initiate a file transfer, do one of the following:
    • Click a Transfer button to move the file in the indicated direction.


    • Drag the source file, and then drop it on the desired destination file.

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