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Share Sessions as Templates

Session documents contain references to the following settings (all of which can be customized): host, ribbon, theme, keyboard map, and mouse map.

After you configure a session document, you can share and reuse your settings by saving the document as a template. Templates provide an untitled copy of the original, giving you a quick and easy way to create pre-configured documents, while ensuring that your original file remains unchanged.

Reflection includes several templates in the Create New Document dialog box. When you create a template, as long as you save it to the Templates folder (the default location), it is added to this dialog box under User Defined.

To share a session document

  1. Open the session document that you've configured.
  2. Do one of the following:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this...

    The Reflection button

    Microsoft Office 2007

    On the Reflection button The Reflection button, choose Save As > Save Template

    The Reflection button

    Microsoft Office 2010

    On the File menu, choose Save As > Save Template

    The Reflection button

    Reflection Browser

    In the search box, enter S and then, under Actions, select SaveSave Template.

  3. Name the template file with an .rsft extension, and then save the template to the Templates folder.
  4. Move the template file from the Templates folder on your computer to either a shared location or to the Templates folder on a computer that has Reflection installed.

    Note: If you copy the template file to a location other that the Templates folder, make sure it's a trusted location or Reflection won't open it.

    The Templates folder is in the following location:

    • Windows XP:
      Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Attachmate\Reflection\Workspace\data_folder


    • Windows 7 or Vista:

      Note: The name of the last folder (data_folder) in this directory is specific to the version of Reflection. For Reflection 2011 R1, this folder is R2011. For subsequent versions, it is R2011_versionName. (For example, the folder name in Reflection 2011 R2 is R2011_R2.)

  5. To make changes to the template, you must replace the template file — save the file that contains your changes using the same filename and extension as the template.

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