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Session Setup Dialog Box (3270 Printer Sessions)

Getting there

Use the Session Setup dialog box to configure the connection to an IBM host for printer emulation sessions.

Note: You cannot configure the settings from this dialog box when you are connected to a host.



Select the type of printer session you want. The options on this dialog box (and the Help topic) change if you modify this setting.

Model ID

Reflection 3270 printer sessions emulate IBM 3287 printers.



Select the transport to use.

Enter Host (or System) Name or IP Address

Identify the host to which you will connect. Type the host name, alias, or numeric IP address.

Note: Both IPv4 addresses (in the form and IPv6 addresses (in the form 2001:0db8:3c4d:0015:0000:0000:abcd:ef12) are accepted.


Type the host port or socket number that the session should use. This field accepts any number between 0 and 66,535 (default = 23).

Connection type (Telnet Extended)

Select Connect when the LU name to which you are connecting is the name of a particular printer device. Select Associate to associate the printer session to a terminal session using an association string.

Host LU name

When you connect as a 3287 printer, some hosts require a host LU name. The name can be up to 32 characters in length.

TN association (Telnet Extended)

This option is available when Connection type is set to Associate. It displays a list of association strings you can configure using the Configure Advanced Connection Settings dialog box in a terminal session.


Configure advanced Telnet settings.

Connect options

Auto connect

Select to establish a host connection as soon as the printer session is started.


Secure data communications with SOCKS or SSL/TLS.

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