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Recording Complete Dialog Box

The Recording Complete dialog box automatically appears after you stop recording a macro.

From this dialog box, you can name and save the actions you've recorded as a Reflection Workspace macro.


Save in the current document's project

Saves the macro in the current session document, which must be opened each time you want to run the macro.


Save in the common project

Saves the macro in the Common project, which can be accessed from any session document on the local computer.


Macro name

Specify a unique name with no spaces. For other tips on naming Visual Basic macros, see Naming Macros.

The name you specify appears after the module name in the Run Macro dialog box when you select a macro to run. For example, recorded macros are saved as "Recorded.Macroname."


Copy script to clipboard

Saves the macro to the system clipboard, which allows you to paste it in a text file or another application.