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Configure Shortcuts

You can change the attributes associated with the pre-defined Reflection shortcuts. Also, you can configure shortcuts associated with files you've added to a custom install package.

To configure shortcuts

  1. On a workstation on which you have installed Reflection, open the Attachmate Customization Tool from a desktop shortcut or from a command line as follows:

    path_to_setup\setup.exe /admin

  2. From the Select Customization dialog box, select the option that best describes the task you are performing.
  3. From the Attachmate Customization Tool navigation pane, choose Configure shortcuts.
  4. Select the shortcut that you want to configure, and then click Modify.
  5. In the Modify Shortcut dialog box, enter the following settings:


    Do this

    Specify where you want the shortcut to reside

    In the Location list, enter or select the folder.

    Note: List items that refer to folders (for example, [ProgramMenuFolder]) are pre-defined folder keywords. You can create customized directories by adding new folder names with typical directory syntax (such as, [ProgramFilesFolder]\My Folder). Alternatively, you can enter a fully qualified path (for example, C:\Program Files\My Folder), as long as that location is known to exist on the target machine.

    Name the shortcut

    In the Name box, enter a descriptive name.

    Add a tooltip to the shortcut

    In the Tooltip box, enter descriptive text to describe the shortcut.

    Pass command line arguments to the program

    In the Arguments box, enter the command-line arguments.

    Specify the size of the application window

    In the Run list, select an initial size for the application window.

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