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Commands for Error Handling

Include a CONTINUE command in your script file to tell the FTP Client how to handle errors that occur when you are using wildcards to transfer files or delete local files. When CONTINUE is ON, file transfers or local file deletes proceed until all files satisfying the wildcard specification have been transferred or deleted, even when an error occurs. When CONTINUE is OFF, the transfer or delete operation aborts if an error occurs during the process; the script file terminates in response to the error, unless ABORT-ON-ERROR is set to NO.

The ABORT-ON-ERROR parameter specifies whether execution of a script stops whenever an error occurs in response to a command. When ABORT-ON-ERROR is set to YES, script execution will terminate any time a command results in an error response from the FTP Client or server.

Use caution when setting ABORT-ON-ERROR to NO. Continuing command execution after an error can yield unexpected results.

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