What's in Reflection Suite for X 2011?

Reflection X 2011 provides a range of secure solutions for X server technologies, terminal emulation, and file transfer along with a full suite of administrative tools that you can use to configure and deploy these solutions.

Installation and Deployment
Reflection X 2011 provides a full suite of deployment and administrative tools
that you can use to customize your applications and installs.

File Transfer
Reflection FTP Client enables you to connect to FTP, FTP/S and SFTP sites and quickly transfer files using FTP and SFTP protocols.

Terminal Emulation
Reflection 2011 is a full-featured desktop application that allows you to run host applications, transfer files, and integrate host data into the latest Windows and Office software applications. Unix/Linux, OpenVMS, IBM mainframe (System z), and IBM AS/400 (System i) terminals are supported.

X Server Technologies
Both legacy Reflection X and Reflection X Advantage applications are included in 32-bit versions, and can be installed separately or together. (Legacy Reflection X is not included in 64-bit versions.) You can use Legacy Reflection X to work with X client applications on X Window hosts. Reflection X Advantage extends this capability with suspend/resume as well as improved performance for remote users.

Reflection Suite for X 2011

More About Terminal Emulation
Use Reflection 2011 to:

  • Connect from Windows to legacy terminal applications on IBM System z, IBM System i, Unix/Linux, and OpenVMS hosts.
  • Support Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), Windows Server 2008, Citrix XenApp/Presentation Server, and VMware.
  • Comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI), Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, and Basel II regulations. 
  • Integrate applications with Microsoft Office features like Spell Check, Auto Expand, and Auto Complete.
  • Automate tasks and integrate host applications, using the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) platform.
  • Leverage Attachmate's .NET API to automate your company's business processes using modern development tools.
  • Run Micro Focus RUMBA session files and macros, or preexisting EXTRA! and Reflection session files, macros, and related HLLAPI applications.

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More About X Server Technologies
With Reflection X Advantage, you can:

  • Run X applications from Windows, UNIX/Linux, and Mac desktops.
  • Access X applications remotely,
    with improved performance for high-latency and low-bandwidth networks. 
  • Suspend and resume X sessions even from different locations or desktops.
  • Display highly graphical and 3D X applications via OpenGL 1.5 and GLX 1.4.
  • Recover lost sessions after a network outage.
  • Share X sessions in real time
    with colleagues around the world. 
  • Centrally manage configurations for clients, servers, and sessions.
  • Secure communication through Secure Shell (SSH) technology
    that provides FIPS 140-2
    validated encryption, public key authentication, support for X.509 certificates, and X11 forwarding.

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More About File Transfer

In addition to standard FTP client features, you can:

  • Transfer files securely. A variety of protocols are supported, including: explicit or implicit SSL/TLS, Kerberos, Secure Shell, and various firewall servers (including SOCKS and HTTP).
  • View all messages sent between the FTP client and server and send commands to the server on a command line.
  • Script FTP transfers from external applications, using OLE Automation.
  • Record actions as scripts that automate connections and file transfers.

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More About Installation and Deployment

Several administrative tools are provided to support your installation. You can:

  • Selectively install products with the Attachmate Installation Program (setup.exe). This program auto-matically removes previous install-ations and installs required software.
  • Create Windows transform (.mst) files that modify your install with the Attachmate Customization Tool (ACT).
  • Create Windows companion install packages with the ACT tool to install customized configuration files. Then deploy the packages with the product or separately.
  • Restrict access to (or "lock down") settings and controls. You can either:
  • Import the Reflection ADM or ADMX files into your Active Directory environment and use it to control access.
  • Create and deploy access settings with Permissions Manager (for Reflection 2011) or with X Profiler (for legacy Reflection X).

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