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Reflection X 2011 provides a range of secure solutions for X server technologies, terminal emulation, and file transfer along with a full suite of administrative tools that you can use to configure and deploy these solutions.

Installation and Deployment
Reflection X 2011 provides a full suite of deployment and administrative tools that you can use to customize your applications and installs.

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File Transfer
Reflection FTP Client enables you to connect to FTP sites and quickly transfer files
using the FTP protocol.

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Terminal Emulation
Reflection 2011 is a full-featured desktop application that allows you to run host applications, transfer files, and integrate host data into the latest Windows and Office software applications. IBM 3270, 5250, and HP terminals are supported.

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X Server Technologies
Both legacy Reflection X and Reflection X Advantage applications are included , and can be installed separately or together. Legacy Reflection X allows you to work with X client applications on X Window hosts. Reflection X Advantage extends this capability to provide: performance improvements for slow connections, the ability to share sessions across platforms, central administration, and other features.

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