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Editing Legacy Reflection Macros

You can edit legacy Reflection macros in the Visual Basic Editor. However, some Session methods and properties are no longer supported.

If you are editing a legacy VBA macro, you can use the Visual Basic editor to modify the macro.

If you are editing a Reflection Basic macro:

  • First, set up the Reflection Basic editor.
  • Then, edit the Basic macro so that it works with Reflection 2011.

Before you distribute any type of legacy macro, review the Unsupported Session Class Methods and Properties. and remove any references to unsupported objects that throw exceptions.

Note: For each legacy document, Reflection 2011 creates an additional VBA project for the supported legacy API. This legacy API VBA project includes a ThisSession object, which provides backward compatibility for legacy macros. (You can view the legacy API VBA project in the Project Explorer window of the Visual Basic Editor.)