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Creating, Saving, and Sharing Macros
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Resuming a Procedure After an Error
Using Legacy Macros
Support for Legacy EXTRA! Macros
Editing Legacy EXTRA! Macros
Edit HostOptions Properties
Unsupported EXTRA! Methods and Properties
ExtraAreaChangedWait Class
ExtraFTPOptions Class
ExtraHostOptions Class
ExtraKermitOptions Class
ExtraMenuEdit Class
ExtraModemSetup Class
ExtraOIA Class
ExtraQuickPad Class
ExtraQuickPads Class
ExtraScreen Class
ExtraSerialSetup Class
ExtraSession Class
ExtraSessions Class
ExtraSystem Class
ExtraTelnetSetup Class
ExtraToolbar Class
ExtraToolbars Class
ExtraWaits Class
ExtraZmodemOptions Class
Legacy Reflection Macros
Editing Legacy Reflection Macros
Unsupported Session Class Methods and Properties
Error Codes
Error Codes for IBM Terminals
Error Codes for OpenSystems Terminals