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Edit HostOptions Properties

If your macro uses the HostOptions object, you will need to edit the HostOptions properties.

Legacy EXTRA! macros and Visual Basic applications that contain parameterized properties cause an error to occur in Reflection 2011. When you run the macro or application, the HostOptions object returns the error "Method or property not found" if it encounters one of the following parameterized properties: AttributeForeground, AttributeBackground, or Color.

Reflection 2011 is based on C# and doesn't support parameterized properties; therefore, statements that get and set these properties will have no effect. To avoid this problem, replace the parameterized properties with an equivalent form.

To edit the property

  1. Start the EXTRA! Basic Editor.
  2. Open the macro.
  3. Replace the AttributeForeground, AttributeBackground, and Color properties using one of the following equivalent forms:
    • HostOptions.set_[property] x, y
    • y = HostOptions.get_[property] x

    For example, change

    HostOptions.AttributeForeground(x) = y


    HostOptions.set_AttributeForeground x, y


    y = HostOptions.get_Attribute Foreground x