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Configure the Connection

When using macros to configure settings for OpenSystems connections, do the following:

  • Identify and change the connection type using the OpenSystems Terminal object's ConnectionType property. To use the best network connection possible, specify a connection type of BestNetwork.
  • Use a ConnectionSettings object (for example, ConnectionSettingsTelnet) to configure the individual settings for the connection type.

    In the Visual Basic Editor, all available properties for that object appear in the IntelliSense list as you type.

  • Set only those properties you need to change. Properties you don't change are set to default values.

    Note: If you assign values that are invalid to the properties of the ConnectionSettings object, or you try to set a property that can't be changed when the connection is open, errors can result. Include an error-handling routine in your macro to trap and deal with these errors (for example, by displaying a message box). You can retrieve the error text using the ConnectionErrorMessage property.

Configuration Examples