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Filenaming and Wildcards

The list below describes the rules and behavior of filenames and wildcards in the Transfer dialog box for VT sessions.

  • In the Local file names box, you can include a drive specifier, path name, and extension. However, the combination with filename (the path) cannot exceed 260 characters total. Local filenames are optional if you are receiving files from the host. Using the WRQ/Reflection protocol, wildcards can specify a group of PC files to send to the host.
  • In the Host file names box, names must satisfy host system rules. For transfers to a VMS host, you can enter logical names. Host filenames are optional if you are sending files to the host.
  • Specifying a filename supersedes any settings under File name translation options on the Translation tab of the Transfer Settings dialog box. Using the WRQ/Reflection protocol, host wildcard characters can specify a group of host files to send to the PC.
  • You can also put wildcard entries in the text box. The receiving-side text box must be empty (or you can specify a path); host filename switches are allowed for VMS hosts. Then, click a Transfer button. The files are given the same names as they have on the sending end. All files transferred using wildcards use the specified values in the Transfer dialog box. Sets of ASCII and binary files should be transferred separately, or using auto-detect.
  • The wildcard characters you use must be recognized as such by the computer that is transferring the files. The following table lists a few of the most common wildcard characters:

    This computer

    Recognizes these wildcards


    * ?

    HP 3000

    @ ?

  • When the transfer begins, the File Transfer in Progress window opens. When transferring multiple files, this window displays the name of each file as it is being transferred; when the If file exists option is set to Cancel or there is some other error that stops the transfer, any remaining files matching a wildcard specification are not transferred. To cancel a file transfer in progress, click the Cancel button, press ESC, or press SPACEBAR.