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UNIX File Attributes Dialog Box

Getting there

The options are:



Type the file owner name in this box. The value must correspond to a valid login name or user ID in the specified group.



Type the group of the file's owner in this box. The value must correspond to a valid group name or group ID.


Set mode

When selected, you're allowed to assign Read, Write, and Execute protection for Owner, Group, Others, and All. If the Set mode option is not selected, permissions are determined by the default creation mode on the host.


Set user ID on execution

When transferring an executable file, select to specify that the owner's permissions should determine access when the program is run (instead of using the permissions of the person running the program).


Set group ID on execution

Select to specify that the permissions of the login group of the person running the file determine access while the file is running. See chmod (1) in your UNIX documentation.


Save text image after execution

If an executable file is prepared for sharing, selecting this option prevents the system from abandoning the swap space image of the program-text portion of the file when its last user terminates. When the next user of a file executes it, the text does not need to be read from the file system (it is swapped in), thus saving time.

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