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MPE File Names, WRQ protocol

This filename structure is used for host filenames during file transfers, and it also determines how the filenames display in the Transfer dialog box after clicking the Show Host Files button.

Reflection supports four name spaces for filenames:

  • Traditional MPE filenames. The names are assumed to be all uppercase (regardless of how they are entered in the Host file names box), and each name is a maximum of eight characters in the format directory structure FILENAME.GROUP.ACCOUNT. When this list is set to MPE, files beginning with a period or a forward slash (. or /) are interpreted as POSIX files.
  • MPE/iX 5.x POSIX filenames. For example, the names can be mixed case up to 32 characters in length, using a fully hierarchical directory structure.


MPE filenames are a subset of the POSIX names. All MPE filenames are visible from within POSIX (for example, PCLINK2.PUB.SYS appears as /SYS/PUB/PCLINK2), but only POSIX files whose names are also valid as MPE filenames are visible from MPE.

  • When you select Auto from this list, the host will determine if it is running under the MPE Command Interpreter or the POSIX shell. If it is the MPE CI, the name space is set to MPE; if it is the shell, the name space is set to POSIX.

    Note: Even though the host determines the name space, the setting in the dialog box is not changed; it remains as Auto.

  • Selecting MPE-Only from this list allows only valid MPE names to be accepted. Filenames starting with "." or "/" are treated as errors.

This option is for those users who used the ".groupname" construct for the host filename. This allowed you to transfer files into a different account. For example, specifying ".PUB" transferred files into the "PUB" group. With the introduction of POSIX, this behavior changed. By default, PCLINK2 interprets the ".PUB" as a POSIX name and therefore attempts to transfer the files as a single file named ".PUB". If the name space is set to MPE-Only, the old behavior is performed.

There is an alternative to setting the name space to MPE-Only. If the name space is left set to MPE, then the host name may be specified as "@.groupname" as in "@.PUB". This will result in the same behavior as described above for the MPE-Only name space.

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