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Test a File Transfer Template

You can access the Test Template dialog box from the New Transfer Template dialog box, or from the Templates tab of the Transfer Settings dialog box (with a template selected).

To test a file transfer template

  1. Open a 3270 terminal session.
  2. Open the Transfer Settings dialog box as follows:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this

    The Reflection button

    The Reflection Ribbon

    On the Session ribbon, from the Transfer group, click the Transfer Settings launcher: Launcher button image

    The Reflection button

    The Reflection Browser

    On the Reflection menu, choose Tools and then File Transfer. In the Transfer dialog box, click the Settings button.

  3. With Mainframe selected under Protocol, click the Templates tab.
  4. Select Activate Transfer Templates.
  5. From the Templates list, select a template.
  6. Click the Test button.
  7. Type either a PC filename or a host filename to test.
  8. Click one of the directional Test buttons to see how the filename will be affected by the transfer.
  9. (Optional) To test your filename against all of the templates for a given host type, select Test all templates, select a host type, and then click one of the Test buttons.

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