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Configure Clipboard Settings Dialog Box (3270 and 5250)

Getting there

Basic Editing Actions

Cut Options

Select the way you want cut or cleared characters to be filled using the following options:


Fill cut area with spaces

Replaces the characters with an equal number of spaces.


Fill cut area with nulls

Replaces the characters with an equal number of nulls.

Copy Options

Specify the behavior of text and fields that you copy using the following options:


Automatically copy selected text

Copies selected text to the clipboard automatically.


Deselect after copy

Clears selection after it has been copied to the clipboard.


Retain selection

Maintains a selected area. When you select an area of the screen, and then navigate to a new screen, the area remains selected. This allows you to copy from the same area on different screens without having to select the area again.


Copy trailing spaces

Copies the selected field, including any trailing spaces.


Copy input fields only

Copies only from areas on the screen where input is allowed. Characters in protected fields are replaced with spaces.


Copy format options

Specifies which file formats to copy from Reflection to the clipboard. If you choose more than one format, the application to which the data is pasted automatically uses the format that best suits its needs. (For example, some versions of Microsoft Word would use the .rtf format.)


Use table format

Converts two or more spaces to tabs when data is copied. If there are two or more spaces between words in a selection, the spaces are replaced with a single tab character when you copy the data. (Most spreadsheet and word processing applications interpret tab characters as cell separators.) If there is only one space between words, it remains a space when you copy the data, unless it is followed by a numerical character (0-9, +, or .).

Use Blanks between fields to specify the number of spaces between words that should be converted to a single tab character when Use table format is selected.


Data delimiters

Specifies whether the data copied from Reflection should be separated by delimiters at field boundaries or at word boundaries. This option controls formatting for spreadsheet or other cell-based information and affects only the text and BIFF formats.

Paste Options

Specify the behavior of cut or copied text using the following options:


Mask protected fields

Specifies how pasted text is mapped onto the screen:

  • If unselected (the default), the text is interpreted as a linear stream that can contain new lines and delimiters, and is pasted accordingly.
  • If selected, the text is interpreted as a host screen image and overlaid onto the current screen starting at the current cursor position. Where the current screen contains an unprotected field, the source image text is pasted; where the current screen contains a protected field, the source image text is skipped.


Wrap text to next input field

Causes text that would have been truncated at the end of a field (or the selected paste area) to be pasted to the next unprotected field instead of being truncated. (This option is available only if Mask protected fields is not selected).

Wrap to field below wraps text to the next field below instead of the next field to the right.

Align text to input fields aligns space separated data with fields on the screen. This allows you to copy a block of data from a Word form (or other document) into a host screen that has the same field layout as the form.

Use field delimiters maintains formatting for spreadsheet or other cell-based information. In most cases, if you enable Wrap text to next input field, you should also enable this option.


Replace tabs with

Replaces any tab characters in the pasted data with the specified character or combination of characters.


Clear to end of field after paste

Clears all of the previous data remaining in a field after pasting new data into it.  


Move cursor after paste

Causes the cursor to move to the end of the pasted text. When unselected, the cursor is restored to the position it was in before the text was pasted.