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Set Tab Colors

When you are running mulitple sessions, color-coding session tabs can help identify which host application each session is connected to.

You can customize the text and background colors of a session tab. After you set the tab colors for your sessions, you can save them in a layout file so that the tab colors are used the next time you open the layout.


  • You can save session tab color settings only in layout files. These settings are not saved in session files.
  • You can change only one tab at a time. You cannot globally change all tab colors.

To set tab background and text colors

You can set different colors for a session tab’s text and background. You can also set different colors for active and inactive states.

  1. On the Session tab, right-click and then select Customize Tab Colors to open the Customize Tab Colors dialog box.
  2. To set inactive tab colors, in the Inactive tab colors list, click Change and then select the foreground (text) color or background color.
  3. Set the Active tab colors in the same way.
  4. To save the color settings:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this...

    The Reflection button

    Microsoft Office 2007

    On the Reflection button The Reflection button , choose Save Layout.

    The Reflection button

    Microsoft Office 2010

    On the File menu, choose Save Layout.

    The Reflection button

    Reflection Browser

    On the Reflection menu, choose Save Layout.

    Tip: If you want to set only the tab background color, you can use an alternative approach. With a session open, click the Appearance tab and from the Color menu, choose a color. Then click on the session tab to set its background color. (The selected color is used as the tab’s background, for both active and inactive states.)