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Export a User Key

Use the procedure below to export your user keys to a new location and/or format.

Note: If you want to upload a public key to a Secure Shell server, you do not need do not need to use this procedure. Use the Upload button to do this in a single step. Reflection automatically determines the correct key format for the server you specify. See Uploading Keys to the Server for more information.

To export a key

  1. Open the Reflection Secure Shell Settings dialog box.
  2. From the User Keys tab, select a key and click Export. (This button is not available if no key is selected, or if you have selected a certificate managed by either the Reflection Certificate Manager or the Windows Certificate Manager.)
  3. Enter the passphrase for the selected key.
  4. (Optional)


    Do this

    Include the private key in the export

    Select Export Private Key.

    Export the key in OpenSSH format

    Select Save in OpenSSH format.

  5. From the Public Key Filename dialog box, specify a name and location for the exported key.
  6. Click Save.