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Move Controls on the Ribbon

From the UI Designer, you can reorganize or simplify your workspace by selecting a new location for the controls.

To move a control within its parent control

  • To move a control to new location within its parent control (for example, to move a button within a group, or to move a group on a tab), use the Move buttons from the Arrange Controls pane in the UI Designer.

You can move a control from one group to a different group, move a group from one tab to a different tab, or delete a control from its current location and add it to the new location.

To move a control outside its parent control

  1. From the Design View pane, select the control that you want to move.
  2. Write down the settings that appear in the Settings pane.
  3. From the Arrange Controls pane, click Delete.
  4. Select the tab and group where you want to place the control, or add a new tab and group.
  5. From the Insert Controls pane:

    To insert

    Do this

    A Tab, Group, or Button

    Click the control.

    A Gallery, Split Button, or Button Group

    Click the control, then from the Subitems Collector Editor dialog box, add subitems to the control, and then click OK.

    A Built-In

    Click the control, then from the Built-In Controls dialog box, choose a pre-defined gallery or group, and then click Insert.

  6. Change the properties for the control in the Settings pane to match the settings you wrote down before you deleted the control from its original location.
  7. Click OK.

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